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Controversy Marred Navarrete vs Wilson Fight: Official Protest Launched for No Contest Result

Emanuel Navarrete and Liam Wilson put on an electrifying performance in their super-featherweight fight on Friday night, with Navarrete coming out on top after a 9th round TKO. However, the victory has been marred by controversy surrounding a "long count" in the fourth round, which Wilson and his team claim was as long as 27 seconds, and a possible tampering with the scale at the weigh-in. In response, Wilson's promoter, Matt Rose, has launched an official protest to have the result changed to a No Contest.

Rose argues that the count was too long and that Wilson should be awarded a rematch. He also claims there was some tampering with the scale at the weigh-in, where Navarrete weighed in heavier than his announced weight. Despite these grievances, it remains to be seen if Navarrete's upcoming fight with Oscar Valdez will be postponed for a rematch with Wilson.

Regardless of the outcome, it cannot be denied that Wilson fought admirably, considering he was only in his 13th professional fight on Friday. While a rematch with Navarrete would be appropriate, it is uncertain if it will come to fruition. Regardless, Wilson deserves recognition for his valiant effort in the ring.


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