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Dan Hardy Foresees Francis Ngannou Holding Edge Over Anthony Joshua in Potential Boxing Bout

Former UFC fighter and current head of fighter operations for PFL Europe, Dan Hardy, has weighed in on the prospect of a boxing clash between Ngannou and Anthony Joshua.

Ngannou's foray into the boxing world garnered significant attention, particularly after his narrow defeat to Fury via split decision. Following the bout, Joshua's promoter, Eddie Hearn, expressed interest in arranging a boxing match with the formidable Ngannou. Speaking on's "The MMA Hour," Dan Hardy shared his insights, highlighting Ngannou's potential advantage against Joshua.

Hardy acknowledged the stylistic challenges Ngannou poses for different opponents, emphasizing the difficulty in dealing with Tyson Fury's tall stature, excellent upper body movement, and defensive skills. In contrast, Hardy noted that fighters like Anthony Joshua and Joe Joyce adopt a more upright posture and might not absorb punches as effectively.

Expressing his thoughts on the potential matchup, Hardy stated, "I think honestly Anthony Joshua’s probably one of the better matchups for Ngannou out of all the heavyweights." He then delved into the dynamics of a bout against Joshua, suggesting that Ngannou's power could pose a significant threat, particularly in exploiting potential vulnerabilities in Joshua's ability to recover if he hits the canvas.

"I don’t know if he can regroup if he hits the canvas, especially against an 0-1 boxer that’s still early in his career. I feel like it would unravel much quicker," Hardy added, casting doubt on Joshua's resilience in the face of Ngannou's power.

As speculation continues to swirl around a potential boxing matchup between Ngannou and Joshua, Hardy's insights add an intriguing layer to the evolving narrative in the combat sports world.


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