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Dana White hits out at PSL critics: “: You don't know what the f*** you're talking about”

Dana White, the president of the UFC and producer of Power Slap, has a straightforward reply for his critics: You don't know what the f*** you're talking about.

Before this Saturday's Power Slap League finale, the outspoken, no-holds-barred White spoke with OutKick.

White compared the phase of the programme at the moment to the beginning of the UFC. The Power Slap League, according to Dana White, is transforming the financial circumstances of its competitors.

“You have these guys who do nothing, know nothing, have never built anything – nobody’s ever depending on them for a paycheck and you listen to them for their opinions, their attacks or whatever you want to call it that these guys are doing… and it’s been fascinating to watch,” White said. “And I believe because of all the negativity and its attempt to kill it.”

“I mean we had guys writing stories about us saying that, Oh the ratings were terrible on TBS, it’ll be cancelled after Episode 2… oh, it’s definitely not making it to future Episodes,” White continued. “What the f*** do you people know about ratings? And what it means and what’s going on?

According to Dana White, the Power Slap League has the potential to become into a major international event, much like the UFC.

White has frequently drawn comparisons between the current stage of the slap fighting league and the early years of the UFC organisation.


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