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Dana White Sheds light on Why Power Slap League was Postponed

The UFC president Dana White has briefed the media about why his Power Slap League’s 2023 launch was moved back a week.

One of the most talked about events in the fighting community, Power Slap League received a major hit when its creator, Dana White was found having a feud with his wife in public.

The league was already surrounded by controversies since its creation and was on the brink of being abandoned after the White incident but its production team somehow managed to keep this idea alive as we are just a few days away from its first official event.

The league was supposed to debut last week but a fresh clash between president Dana White and his wife Anne during a New Year’s Eve nightclub party delayed its commencement.

The fans were left pondering what led to its delay but now White himself has come forward and given an explanation of what led to its postponement.

White was talking to the media at the UFC Vegas 67 post-fight press conference and clarified the reasons for moving it one week back.

“It’s insanely entertaining, and people are gonna like it,” White said. “We pushed it back a week because I was supposed to do a whole media tour, which obviously wasn’t going to happen when I got back [from Mexico].”

White has claimed that the league is good to go as its major partner TBS sees this as a massive public attraction but believes it will take time to reach that level.


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