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Daniel Cormier: “Tyson Fury has no chance against Jon Jones in MMA”

Tyson Fury wouldn't have a chance against Jon Jones, in Daniel Cormier's opinion, if the two engaged in a bout with even the slightest semblance of an MMA setup.

Last week, Fury broke his social media fast to respond to Joe Rogan's predictions about how a fight between himself and Jones may go.

Following Fury's response to Rogan, "The Gipsy King" and Jones got into a heated argument, and now even Dana White has publicly stated that he'd love to try and make that fight happen in the UFC.

The concept of a fight between the two heavyweights has given rise to many intriguing opinions within the MMA world, and Cormier is one of those who don't think Fury will fare well in the hypothetical contest.

“Now we got those guys talking, Tyson Fury and Jon Jones,” Cormier said on his YouTube channel. “And for the record, Tyson Fury in a full on fight has no chance against Jon Jones. And that’s no knock on Fury.”
“In a singular skillset with boxing gloves, Tyson Fury will beat Jon Jones every day of the week. But if by chance they ever got into a full-on fight, Fury has about as much of a chance as that guy walking into a convenience store on the end of your block to beat Jon Jones. In a free fight.”
“It’s not gonna happen. And this is not even me knocking Tyson Fury, this is me telling you the absolute truth. Tyson Fury is the world's best boxer, but the world’s best boxer stands such a slight chance to beat these elite mixed martial artists.”

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