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Demand vs Command Respect

Demanding respect is a way of asking for something forcefully, often by threatening or punishing those who do not comply. Commanding respect is a way of earning something through one’s actions, often by being observed and admired by others.

Demanding respect can make one feel safe and in control, but it can also backfire and create resentment or fear.

Commanding respect can make one feel confident and respected, but it can also require more effort and patience.

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Some examples of demanding respect are:

  • Telling someone to respect you or else

  • Yelling or hitting someone who disagrees with you

  • Insisting on being treated differently or better than others

  • Refusing to listen or compromise with others

Some examples of commanding respect are:

  • Showing respect to others and yourself

  • Acting with integrity and honesty

  • Being competent and reliable

  • Listening and empathizing with others

  • Being humble and open to feedback

Demanding respect can sometimes work in the short term, but it can also damage relationships and trust. Commanding respect can take longer, but it can also build rapport and loyalty. Ultimately, respect is not something that can be forced, but something that can be inspired.

Many Signs Of Respect


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