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Demetrious Johnson gets technical to win Adriano Moraes trilogy rubber match

In a highly anticipated trilogy rubber match at ONE Fight Night 10, Demetrious Johnson showed his technical prowess as he defeated Adriano Moraes by unanimous decision. The two fighters had previously faced each other twice, with one win apiece, but this time Johnson came out on top after a closely contested battle that went the full 25 minutes.

The fight, which was the main event of the card held at the 1STBANK Center in Broomfield, Colorado, was a display of both fighters' technical skills. Johnson and Moraes engaged in a strategic battle, with much of the action taking place at a distance as they traded strikes. However, it was in the clinch where Johnson found much of his success, as he battled for position and delivered punishing strikes to his opponent. Despite the lack of a finish, the fight was no less exciting.

The opening round of ONE Championship Fight Night 10's main event saw hesitant performances from Demetrious Johnson as well as Adriano Moraes. Moraes landed some solid blows in the clutch during the second round, while Johnson likewise exchanged blows. Moraes' knees, though, appeared to be causing more harm.

As Moraes seemed to be fading down during the third round, Johnson delivered several good knees in the decisive moment and finished the round well. Moraes proceeded to attempt to tighten in the fourth round, but Johnson was able to land more effective blows from that position, including a spectacular leaping knee.

It wasn't clear if Johnson led the fight 3-1 heading into the fourth round or perhaps the match was still even. Moraes attempted to grip again in the fifth round, but Johnson seemed to possess the advantage after landing blows from the stance.

Prior to the big fight, Johnson made an indication that he might hang up his MMA gloves after a successful career spanning more than ten years. Johnson chose to act cheeky regarding his choice, getting the first American spectators to giggle at a live ONE event with a one-two punchline.

“You guys want me to keep on fighting?” he asked, getting a hearty cheer, before adding: “I’ve got to talk to my wife first, and then I’ll get back to you guys, OK? This is a behind-closed-doors discussion.”

With this win, Johnson cements his status as one of the greatest fighters of all time and proves that he is still a force to be reckoned with in the world of MMA.


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