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Deontay Wilder hopeful for a boxing match against Anthony Joshua

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has confirmed that an offer has been received for a December showdown with two-time champion Anthony Joshua.

Both boxers are being offered tremendous amount of money to hold the fight in Saudi Arabia.

After years of being unable to come together for a matchup, Wilder believes the fight is finally going to happen.

"The offer is definitely out there, the discussion has been talked and it's a real thing," Wilder told Mirror Fighting. "I think it definitely is going to take place, Saudi Arabia is a beautiful place to be, even though I know they get a lot of heat on the past activities that have went on in their country.

"They understand that but at this point in time they really have changed a lot of the laws and a lot of the ways of things. They don't need tourists, but they want to show people their country and what they have to offer so they've lessened up a lot on the laws over there and for me to go over to visit, in my first hand opinion, it was a beautiful place to be. They're serious, they're legit about what they'll do and what they're trying to do. If they do what they're trying to do, that's going to be the next big place to fight at."

Wilder would not confirm reports that both he and Joshua would receive guarantees of $40 million to stage the fight in the Middle East.

"When you're dealing with Saudi Arabia it's always going to be someone's career high out there," Wilder explained.

"They have a lot out there and they most of all just want to show the world what they want to offer to the world and the things that they're doing out there. They want to bring it to a safe environment and a place where you can enjoy and you can see a lot. I like the architecture and the different buildings and things like that."

Wilder has been out of the ring since last October, when he blew away Robert Helenius in a single round.


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