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Deontay Wilder Maintains Accusations of Tyson Fury's 'Cheating'

Heavyweight contender Deontay Wilder reaffirms his belief that Tyson Fury engaged in foul play during their highly contentious rematch in 2020. Despite his claims of Fury's alleged cheating, Wilder attributes newfound happiness to the psychedelic plant medicine Ayahuasca.

The pair's initial encounter in 2018 ended in a controversial split draw, with Fury hitting the canvas twice. The 2020 rematch took a one-sided turn, as Fury dropped Wilder twice and secured a seventh-round stoppage. Their third showdown in 2021 saw both fighters tasting the canvas, with Fury going down twice and Wilder thrice, leading to an eleventh-round stoppage.

Wilder, unsatisfied with the outcomes, has consistently accused Fury of manipulating the fight, even suggesting that Fury tampered with his gloves by loading them with weights. Despite the lack of concrete evidence supporting these claims, Wilder remains resolute in his accusations.

In a recent interview, Wilder offered insights into his mindset, revealing the impact of Ayahuasca on his life. He spoke of a sense of release and increased happiness since undergoing Ayahuasca experiences, urging others to explore this alternative path to self-discovery.

“It isn't so much what I think Fury did; it was what I know he did. But God said, ‘victory is not yours, it's his,’ so I walk on that path. What has helped me a lot with life and what has made me happier is Ayahuasca," shared Wilder.

“This is the happiest I've ever been," Wilder declared. Addressing concerns about his well-being, he clarified that his intermittent absence from the boxing scene does not indicate depression but a deliberate choice to explore diverse aspects of his life.

Wilder highlighted his versatility outside of the boxing ring, delving into music, business ventures, and property development. He emphasized the necessity of multiple income streams, particularly with eight children to provide for.

As Wilder continues his journey beyond boxing, the echoes of his accusations against Fury persist, adding another layer to the ongoing saga between the two heavyweights.


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