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Deontay Wilder Offers Francis Ngannou a Two-Fight Deal in Boxing and MMA Showdown

Deontay Wilder, the former heavyweight champion, has offered Francis Ngannou a two-fight deal in which he would make his MMA debut against the UFC heavyweight champion after the two of them face off in a boxing ring.

Wilder is one of the names on Ngannou's list of prospective opponents for his first boxing fight after leaving the UFC earlier this year.

The two fighters are known for their powerful punches, with Wilder having knocked out all but one of his opponents, Tyson Fury.

During an interview on Trill Boxing, Wilder expressed his interest in fighting Ngannou and even mentioned the possibility of making it a two-fight deal.

"I love Francis. I would love to go to Africa for that fight," he said. "I even thought about this idea. Let's make it a two-fight deal. You come to my s***, I'll come to yours. I'm a true warrior, that even makes it more exciting and I'm serious about that too."

Wilder added that he would be willing to move into MMA for the rematch after their boxing fight. He also joked that although he doesn't have any mixed martial arts experience, he "knows how to beat an a**".

The possibility of a Wilder-Ngannou showdown is exciting for fans of both combat sports, as the two fighters are two of the biggest punchers in the industry.

The idea of a two-fight deal between the two would be a unique concept, as Wilder would be making his MMA debut against the UFC heavyweight champion.

The thought of a "pound-for-pound beatdown" is enough to get fans excited and eagerly waiting for the potential showdown.

In conclusion, Wilder's offer to Ngannou is an intriguing proposition, and it would be fascinating to see the former heavyweight champion make his MMA debut against one of the biggest names in the UFC.

The two-fight deal would be a groundbreaking concept in the world of combat sports, and fans will be eagerly waiting to see if it comes to fruition.


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