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Deontay Wilder Plans 2024 Comeback After Loss to Joseph Parker in Riyadh

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder has set his sights on a return to the ring in 2024 following an unexpected loss to Joseph Parker in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The 38-year-old fighter suffered a setback on Saturday when he dropped a twelve-round unanimous decision to Parker. Wilder, who had been on a layoff of over a year and had only one round of action since 2021, struggled to find his rhythm in the fight.

Known for his devastating knockout power, Wilder was unable to land his signature punches against Parker, who effectively avoided his big shots and outworked him throughout the bout. Reflecting on his performance, Wilder admitted that his lack of recent ring activity had affected him.

"We came out short tonight," Wilder said in a video on Instagram. "My timing was off, and I didn’t throw my punches, I didn’t let my hands go like I was supposed to. Sometimes you get like that. But you live to see another fight. You live to see another moment."

Despite the loss, Wilder remains optimistic about his future in the sport, expressing gratitude for the support he received from fans. He reassured his followers that this setback is not the end of his career and vowed to return stronger.

"I’m still full of happiness, still full of joy, still full of smiles," Wilder said. "Sorry if I let anyone down but we will be back though! That’s the thing about it. I thank you so much for the love and support I’ve got out here in Riyadh and from all my fans around the world. I appreciate you so much. This is not the end, and I will be back."

The loss to Parker has disrupted plans for a highly anticipated bout between Wilder and British superstar Anthony Joshua, which promoters had scheduled for March 2024 in Saudi Arabia. Despite this setback, Wilder remains determined to make a comeback and continue his career in the heavyweight division.


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