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Diego Sanchez Fights Back Against Alleged Abuse by Former Coach

UFC Hall of Famer Diego Sanchez has come forward with shocking allegations against his former coach, Josh Fabia, claiming years of abuse and manipulation. In an Instagram video released on Friday, Sanchez accused Fabia of making him fear for his and his family's safety as their professional and personal relationship came to an end.

Diego Sanchez

Sanchez also claimed to have filed a restraining order against Fabia, whom he described as a "trained killer," "ex-hitman," and "ex-contract worker for the cartels." However, a search of court records in New Mexico by MMA Fighting did not reveal any such order.

In the video, Sanchez spoke out about the traumatic experience he endured, stating,

"Words cannot even explain how traumatizing this was. It involves a very evil man that manipulated, blackmailed, extorted me and eventually put an end to my UFC career."

Sanchez ended his coaching relationship with Fabia in May 2021, following his dramatic departure from the UFC. Fabia had criticized Sanchez after their breakup, claiming he was taken advantage of as a coach and business partner.

Recently, Sanchez reposted a video that appears to show Fabia demanding a six-figure payout to sever their business relationship. The situation between Sanchez and Fabia continues to unfold, with Sanchez determined to fight back against the alleged abuse and manipulation he claims to have endured.


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