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Dillian Whyte offers Derek Chisora a trilogy fight in MMA

A third bout between Dillian Whyte and Derek Chisora is on the table, but with a catch.

Whyte prevailed over the other boxer on both of their previous appearances in the ring, but the two fighters are now interested in rematching in MMA.

UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou's dethronement over the weekend served as the catalyst for the discussion.

After a protracted legal battle and wage disagreement with the UFC, Ngannou has officially achieved free agency. He is this week being associated with a variety of potential courses of action as a result.

On Monday night, Chisora presented himself as a potential opponent for Ngannou and even stated that he could be open to a two-fight agreement across different sports.

“I’m trying to fight Ngannou,” Chisora said on Instagram live, “I want to do it in the UFC and boxing.”

In their first confrontation, Whyte and Chisora fought each other in 2016.

A rematch was scheduled for two years after Whyte's controversial split decision victory after 12 taxing rounds. The two continued their hilarious slugfest the second time around.

Whyte found a decisive finish on this occasion, knocking Chisora out in round 11 with a powerful left hook.

Since then, the two have patched things up and become friends, but this year, they might start fighting again in an unexpected way.


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