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Dricus Du Plessis irked by preliminary card spot vs Derek Brunson

Dricus du Plessis is a name that has been making waves in the mixed martial arts (MMA) world. The South African fighter, who holds an impressive record of 18 wins and just 2 losses, is set to compete in the upcoming UFC 285 event. However, there's one problem: he's been bumped down to the preliminary card.

In a recent interview, du Plessis expressed his frustration with this decision, calling it "bulls**t". He argues that his record and recent performances should have earned him a spot on the main card, alongside some of the sport's biggest names.

It's easy to see why du Plessis feels this way. After all, he's coming off a spectacular performance in his last fight, where he submitted Darren Till in the 3rd round. That win earned him a Fight of the Night bonus, and it seemed like he was on the fast track to bigger and better things in the UFC.

Unfortunately, it seems like the promotion doesn't quite see it the same way. Despite his impressive record and recent knockout, du Plessis has been relegated to the preliminary card for UFC 285. While this might not seem like a big deal to casual fans, it can have a significant impact on a fighter's career.

Being on the main card means more exposure, more attention from fans and media, and more opportunities to impress the UFC brass. It's where the biggest names in the sport compete, and it's where fighters can make a name for themselves. For du Plessis, being on the preliminary card means missing out on some of these opportunities.

Du Plessis isn't one to give up easily. He's determined to make the most of his spot on the card, and he's planning on putting on a show for the fans. In his own words, he's going to go out there and do what I do best - put on a show and entertain the fans.

“(He’s opening up the main card) as a wrestler,” Du Plessis told reporters on Nickal’s popularity at the UFC 285 media day on Wednesday. “But at the end of the day, maybe when I fight for the belt I can open up the card on the early prelims. I’ve been getting performance bonuses almost every fight, putting up amazing performances, and they boot me down to the undercard. But really, just give me the fight and I’ll win my fight. That’s what I’m here for.”

It's this kind of attitude that makes du Plessis such an exciting fighter to watch. He's got the skills to compete at the highest level, and he's got the heart and determination to overcome any obstacle in his path. Whether he's on the main card or the preliminary card, he's always going to give it his all.

As fans, we should all be excited to see what du Plessis can do at UFC 285. Whether he's knocking out his opponent in spectacular fashion or grinding out a hard-fought victory, there's no doubt that he's going to bring his A-game. And who knows? If he can pull off another impressive win, maybe the UFC will finally give him the respect and recognition he deserves.


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