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Eddie Hearn: Ngannou's Controversial Loss Shakes Up Heavyweight Division

Eddie Hearn, the chairman of Matchroom Boxing, is not one to hold back his thoughts, and he certainly didn't when it came to the controversial split decision loss Francis Ngannou faced against Tyson Fury. Hearn sees the outcome as a game-changer in the world of heavyweight boxing and has an intriguing proposition in mind.

Hearn, like the rest of the combat sports world, had his eyes glued to the highly anticipated showdown between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia. The odds and expectations heavily favored Fury, but the fight unfolded quite differently.

Ngannou remained highly competitive throughout the match and even secured the fight's only knockdown in Round 3, resulting in a narrow outcome on the scorecards. However, two of the three judges awarded the victory to Fury, sparking outrage. Hearn was quick to express his disbelief, stating,

"I’m baffled, really. Firstly, I feel like Ngannou was robbed. Obviously, he scored the knockdown. No one actually did anything in the fight. The fight was a stinker. But Ngannou won the fight. I can’t believe we’re actually having this conversation. You’re talking about a guy that has never boxed before. And respect to him because he was better than I thought ... Fury looked like he has never put on a pair of boxing gloves before in his life."

Hearn firmly believes Ngannou should have been declared the winner, suggesting that Ngannou had "won the fight by two rounds" and called the decision "mental." Despite the controversial loss, Hearn recognizes that Ngannou has asserted his presence in the boxing heavyweight division.

Looking ahead, Hearn envisions two potential scenarios. In an ideal world under his control, he would set up a bout between Fury and his fighter, Anthony Joshua. However, he acknowledges the necessity of a fight between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk to unify all the heavyweight championship belts.

If Fury vs. Usyk becomes a reality, Hearn proposes a fascinating matchup: Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou. Hearn is confident that Joshua would deliver the lopsided contest that was expected from Fury. He emphatically states,

"Let A.J. go in there and end (Fury's) career, please."

Alternatively, Hearn believes that Ngannou has earned the right to a significant fight and is intrigued by the prospect of Ngannou facing Joshua. Hearn envisions what could happen when someone truly lets their hands go against Francis Ngannou. Regardless of the path chosen, Hearn recognizes Ngannou's talent and resilience, and he believes the heavyweight division is in for some exciting changes.


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