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Erin Blanchfield: Hungry for Victory and Eyeing the Throne in the UFC Arena

As the stakes heighten and the spotlight intensifies, Erin Blanchfield gears up for a monumental showdown against Manon Fiorot, seeking to assert her claim as the rightful No. 1 contender in the UFC women's division.

Set to collide with Fiorot at UFC Fight Night on March 30 in Atlantic City, Blanchfield (12-1) views this clash as the defining moment to solidify her status in the championship conversation. Both fighters have remained unbeaten within the octagon, ascending the ranks to the summit of their division.

Acknowledging Fiorot's skill and standing within the division, Blanchfield recognizes the French fighter as her closest competition for a title shot. With champion Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko locked in a gripping rivalry culminating in a split draw, Blanchfield sees an opportunity to stake her claim emphatically while the title picture unfolds.

"I feel like it’s me and her have been neck-and-neck, winning fights," Blanchfield remarked in an interview. "Proving that there’s nobody else that deserves that title shot more than me is something I’m excited to do and I’m looking for a finish March 30."

Analyzing her opponent's style, Blanchfield remains unfazed by Fiorot's strengths, identifying her as a skilled kickboxer who employs range to her advantage. Despite Fiorot's proficiency in maintaining distance, Blanchfield exudes confidence in her abilities to counter and close the distance effectively.

"I feel like with Rose, she kind of kept her at distance. Rose was having a hard time closing the distance," Blanchfield noted. "I don’t think there’s anything too crazy dynamic about her game. She’s decently well-rounded, but she’s going to look to use her striking to keep me away."

Expressing her readiness to seize the moment, Blanchfield remains undeterred by the challenge Fiorot presents. With an unwavering focus on victory and a calculated strategy to showcase her dominance, Blanchfield aims to leave no doubts in the minds of fans and UFC brass that she's next in line for the coveted title shot.

"I have no problem going and doing that. I know that it maybe takes a couple of extra fights, but proving that there’s nobody else that deserves that title shot more than me is something I’m excited to do," Blanchfield affirmed, setting the stage for an enthralling encounter that could potentially shape the future of the UFC women's division.


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