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Boxing just lost another great, one of the most feared punchers of the 70's talent rich heavyweight división. He died on thursday, a day after his 78th birthday. Shavers was concidered one of the hardest punchers in heavyweight boxing history, also the best heavyweight to never win a world title. He had wars with the best fighters of the 70's . He fought Ali, Lyle, Norton, Ellis and Young to just name a few. He challenged twice for the world title, on his first shot he fought Muhammed Ali in september 29, 1977 losing a 15 round decisión to the great Ali. Then in his second shot at the title he fought Larry Holmes in september again but this time it was 1979. Lost to Holmes by 11th round stoppage . Both Ali and Holmes raved about shavers punching power but so did everyone else he fought. He fought from 1969- 1995 and retired from the sport with a record of 74-14-1 with 68 victories by KO. He was a small heavyweight by todays standards but he hit like a giant. Rest in peace champ.


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