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Fabian Edwards: The Mind Game Master Aims to Unmask Johnny Eblen's Inner Wrestler

In the electrifying lead-up to Bellator 299, Fabian Edwards is not only preparing his body but also his strategy, and his recent comments have added a layer of intrigue to the already highly-anticipated showdown. With confidence and cunning, Edwards has unveiled his game plan for his middleweight championship bout against Johnny Eblen, setting the stage for a thrilling encounter.

Edwards, with a record of 12-2, is poised to challenge the undefeated middleweight champion, Eblen (13-0), in the main event of Bellator 299. The stakes are high, and Edwards recognizes the formidable challenge posed by Eblen's NCAA Division I wrestling credentials.

However, Edwards exudes a quiet confidence, backed by a strategic mindset. He believes that once he gets ahold of Eblen, the champion will abandon his striking game and resort to his wrestling instincts. Edwards quips,

"Be Fabian Edwards, and that's land heavy shots on him, make him uncomfortable in there, and turn him into a panic wrestler. At heart, that's what he is. So you're going to go back to what you are by me making him realize that real quick."

This statement reveals Edwards' psychological prowess in the fight game. He intends to push Eblen out of his comfort zone, forcing him to revert to his wrestling roots, potentially giving Edwards the opportunity he needs to seize victory.

The odds may be stacked against Edwards, as BetMGM lists him as a +425 underdog, but he thrives on the underdog mentality. Edwards understands the hubris that can accompany an undefeated record, sharing, "When you've never lost before, you think, 'Nah, I can never lose. That would never happen to me.'" He believes this mindset could be Eblen's Achilles' heel, and he plans to exploit it.

In the heat of battle, Edwards predicts that Eblen's unwavering self-belief may falter, as the reality of a fierce fight sets in. It's a psychological game as much as a physical one, and Edwards seems well-prepared for both.

As the countdown to Bellator 299 continues, the tension and excitement are palpable. Fabian Edwards' words have ignited a mental battle within the physical one, making this championship bout not only a test of skills but also a test of minds. On Saturday night, fight fans are in for a treat as Edwards aims to unmask the inner wrestler hidden within Johnny Eblen.


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