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Former UFC fighter reveal shocking low payout for Power Slap League

The Power Slap League, created by Dana White, keeps making news for all the wrong reasons. Slap fighting is a contentious sport, and White's organisation is currently facing criticism for its shockingly low compensation.

Eric Spicely, a former middleweight in the UFC, recently disclosed the pay of Power Slap League competitors after claiming to have received an offer from the league. For his first appearance in Dana White's slap fighting league, he claimed that he was offered a $2000 appearance fee and a $2000-win bonus.

Spicely had two separate UFC careers, going 2-5 (12-8 overall) and most notably defeating future Light Heavyweight title contender Thiago Santos by rear-naked choke submission in the first round in September 2016. Spicely recently competed for OKTAGON MMA in September of 2021.

According to reports, 295,000 viewers tuned in for the entirety of the hour-long Power Slap premiere episode on TBS last week.

Due to its defenceless character, which allowed the participants to freely snap headshots, the league has attracted lots of criticism and health issues in its initial periods.


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