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Francis Ngannou Aims Fury and Joshua For Boxing Debut

Francis Ngannou has locked his eyes on a bigger prey as he intends to make his cross-over boxing debut against Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua.

The Ngannou-White saga finally met its end after the two parties failed to reach an agreement. And with Ngannou opting for his way out, he has a clear road map in front of him as to what he wants to achieve in the coming years or so.

The Predator has expressed his wish to fight either of the British duo, Tyson Fury or Anthony Joshua in the very first match of his boxing career. Ngannou is confident that his team will be able to pull off a deal in the coming months or so.

He was talking to Ariel Helwani on his podcast show, The MMA Hour where he let his ambitions known to the MMA family.

“I don’t know where he’s at right now, but I’m gonna find out,” Ngannou said of Fury. “It’s time. Before, besides those social media (posts), we couldn’t do anything concrete. But now, we can engage in talks (and) do everything. So it’s time (for us) to figure that out.”

Ngannou wants a big money fight next and the only way he can achieve this is by staging a cross-over showdown with either Gypsy King or AJ.

Fury made his comeback after a brief retirement phase as he knocked out his compatriot, Derek Chisora in December last year. With Fury well and truly back, a fight against Ngannou will definitely attract him if the right money comes his way.


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