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Francis Ngannou calls out Deontay Wilder after his recent free agency announcement.

In the world of combat sports, few names carry as much weight as Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder. The two heavyweights have built reputations as some of the most devastating punchers in their respective disciplines, with Ngannou reigning as the UFC's heavyweight champion and Wilder formerly holding the WBC heavyweight title in boxing. And now, with Wilder announcing that he is a free agent, Ngannou has wasted no time in calling him out for a potential showdown.

The news of Wilder's free agency came as a surprise to many in the boxing world. Following Wilder’s announcement that he was no longer tied to any promoter or network, it has opened the door to potential fights with other big names in the sport, and Ngannou has thrown his hat in the ring as a potential opponent.

The "Bronze Bomber" has made it clear that he would like to compete against Francis Ngannou in both the boxing match and the mixed martial arts octagon. Even though Ngannou is heavily favored to prevail in an MMA match, Wilder's bold challenge suggests that he is eager to step outside of his realm of experience and challenge the previous UFC heavyweight champion on his home turf.

The Predator, who lately had been a free agent after being let go by the UFC, has stated repeatedly that he is determined to fulfill his ambition of turning into a professional boxer. Ngannou posted a tweet on learning about the free agency of Wilder.

The idea of Ngannou and Wilder squaring off in a crossover bout has been floated for years, with fans and pundits alike salivating at the prospect of two of the most ferocious punchers in combat sports going head-to-head. And with Wilder now free to negotiate his fights, it's a possibility that could become a reality.

A potential matchup between the two would be a clash of titans, with both fighters possessing incredible power and athleticism. It's a fight that would have fans on the edge of their seats from start to finish, and it's no surprise that Ngannou is eager to make it happen.

Francis Ngannou has drawn increasing attention from numerous combat sports organizations since becoming free, along with all big MMA companies and the bare-knuckle fighting group BKFC. Additionally, several boxers have publicly stated their ambition to face off alongside "The Predator" in the ring. The two most well-known fighters to do so are Tyson Fury, who currently holds the WBC heavyweight title, and former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

As for Wilder, it remains to be seen whether he will entertain the idea of a crossover fight with Ngannou or if he will look to stay within the boxing world. But one thing is for sure: with both fighters at the top of their games and eager to prove themselves, a showdown between Francis Ngannou and Deontay Wilder would be a can't-miss event for combat sports fans.


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