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Francis Ngannou explains why he signed with PFL

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has revealed the series of events that led him to join the Professional Fighters League (PFL). After staying out of the octagon for an extended period, with his last victory over Ciryl Gane in January, Ngannou's contract with the UFC reached its conclusion, making him a sought-after free agent.

In the wake of this, discussions promptly commenced with various organizations, including PFL, Bellator, ONE Championship, and even engagements with professional boxers. Ngannou, in particular, secured the boxing opportunity he desired, as he is set to face Tyson Fury in an eagerly awaited bout scheduled for October. Nonetheless, his agreement with the PFL remained somewhat under the radar following his signing in May. In a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, the former UFC champion provided a detailed account of his journey through the free agency process.

Francis Ngannou initially refrained from actively pursuing discussions with promoters after his negotiations with the UFC reached a conclusion. However, the PFL soon initiated contact with an offer that not only met his expectations but exceeded them in numerous aspects.

During an interview with Joe Rogan, Ngannou described the PFL's approach, stating, "A few days after my initial meeting with the PFL, they presented a proposal. When they outlined the structure of the offer, I found it to be quite favorable. They took into account various factors, ensuring that it was a comprehensive proposal. While there are always aspects open to negotiation in any contract, I was already content with the way they had structured it.

However, I chose not to rush into signing it at that moment and decided to take some time."
Continuing, Ngannou recounted, "Subsequently, I engaged in discussions with Chatri Sityodtong of ONE Championship. It was a positive meeting as well, but when they forwarded their contract a few days later and I compared it to the PFL's offer, the disparity was stark. It was like night and day. Without a doubt, the PFL's offer stood out as the superior option."

Should Francis Ngannou have remained with the UFC or did he make the right call? Comment and let us know.


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