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Gamrot wins via TKO as Fiziev suffers leg injury

Mateusz Gamrot secured a victory at UFC Vegas 79, albeit not in the manner he had hoped for, as Rafael Fiziev endured a horrific leg injury during the second round.

What initially appeared as a fiercely contested battle between two top-tier lightweight fighters took a dramatic turn when Fiziev unleashed a powerful right-leg kick that Gamrot successfully blocked. Before Fiziev could even place his foot back on the canvas, he visibly winced in agony and collapsed. Gamrot swiftly followed him down to land some punches, prompting referee Herb Dean to intervene and halt the fight.

Upon reviewing the footage, it was evident that Fiziev's left leg had twisted or suffered an injury as he planted it to execute the kick, ultimately leading to the unfortunate end of his night. The official stoppage occurred at 2:03 in the second round.

After the match, Gamrot commented, "Naturally, this wasn't the outcome I had envisioned. To be honest, during my preparation for this fight, my goal was to have a stronger defense against his kicks. I diligently trained my defense in the gym. I wish Rafael a speedy recovery. A win is a win. I emerged victorious tonight, and I'm eagerly anticipating my next challenge."

Before the injury, Gamrot and Fiziev had delivered an exciting performance. They both had their moments in the opening round, trading blows on their feet and engaging in grappling exchanges. The pace was intense from the start, with Fiziev launching rapid and powerful strikes and kicks from a distance, although Gamrot managed to land a few solid punches.

However, it wasn't until the second round that Gamrot finally secured a takedown, although Fiziev swiftly escaped and returned to his feet. It was during this sequence that Fiziev attempted the kick that ultimately led to his injury.

As soon as Fiziev's leg gave way, he collapsed to the canvas in evident pain. Medical personnel examined his leg before he was assisted out of the octagon by his coaches, limping backstage for further medical attention.

The highly anticipated lightweight showdown concluded on a somber note, but Gamrot moves forward with the victory and has his sights set on the upper echelons of the division.

Can Gamrot move forward and eventually have a shot at the title? Comment and let us know. Follow for all the latest news and updates


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