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"Get Him Out!": Bill Haney Demands Garcia's Lifetime Ban After Positive Doping Tests

The boxing world is reeling after news that Ryan Garcia's B samples confirmed positive results for the banned substance ostarine. This comes after Garcia's initial victory over Devin Haney, Bill Haney's son, at the April 20th fight in Brooklyn.

Bill Haney

Garcia, who floored Devin Haney three times before securing a majority decision win, now faces potential consequences for the doping violation. Both his April 19th and 20th samples tested positive for ostarine.

While Garcia maintains his innocence and blames contamination, the positive B sample results add another layer of controversy to the fight. Bill Haney, unsurprisingly, has taken a strong stance against Garcia.

"Clearly, there's nothing you can do with this guy but get him out of the sport,"

Bill Haney told TMZ. He further criticized the situation, calling it "terrible for sports in general" and a blow to the integrity of boxing.

Beyond potential sanctions from the New York State Athletic Commission, which could include a suspension, fines, or even a reversal of Garcia's win, Bill Haney also questioned the possibility of a rematch.

"I don't know what to tell them," Haney Sr. said, referencing his children. "The Haneys – we're fair. We believe in hard work, and I feel undermined."

Garcia's behavior throughout the situation, from the pre-fight build-up to the post-fight doping revelation, has left the Haney camp feeling disrespected. Bill Haney expressed his disappointment, stating, 

"For [Garcia] to sign up to [test positive] and now to make a mockery of the sport, it's just terrible."

The future of Garcia's career and the validity of his win over Devin Haney now rests with the New York State Athletic Commission. One thing seems certain: the boxing world will be closely watching the fallout from this doping scandal.


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