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Gilbert Burns Reevaluates: Belal Muhammad's UFC Title Shot Deserves Recognition

Gilbert Burns reevaluates Belal UFC title shot chances
Gilbert Burns and Belal Muhammad during a face off along with Dana White

In the ever-dynamic world of UFC, opinions can shift as quickly as a well-timed jab. Gilbert Burns, known for his dynamic presence in the welterweight division, recently found himself in a whirlwind of controversy regarding Belal Muhammad's pursuit of a UFC title shot. However, as the dust settles, Burns has opted for a change of heart.

Ahead of his anticipated showdown with Jack Della Maddalena at UFC 299, Burns has taken a moment to reassess his stance on Muhammad's championship aspirations. Despite their past encounter, Burns acknowledges Muhammad's impressive winning streak and concedes that he indeed deserves a shot at the title.

"I think Belal Muhammad deserves to fight for the title. For the numbers," Burns candidly admitted during an interview with Renato Moicano. 

"To be honest, I just have something that I’m like, ‘That guy beat me. I got hurt,’ then he was talking so much," Burns continued, reflecting on his previous comments. 

"But I shouldn’t have said it the way I did. I apologize, I think he does deserve the title shot even though I don’t like the guy very much."

Despite his reservations, Burns maintains a level of sportsmanship, expressing his wishes for Muhammad's success. 

"I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t like him very much because he was saying too much, but I wish the guy the best," Burns stated, highlighting his commitment to fairness and respect in the sport.

As the UFC 299 approaches, speculation swirls around Burns' chances of victory and Muhammad's deservingness of a title opportunity. Amidst the excitement and anticipation, one thing is clear: the landscape of the welterweight division continues to evolve, shaped by the resilience and talent of its athletes.


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