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Michael Page Envisions UK Showdown: A Title Fight for the Ages with Leon Edwards

Page wants Leon Edwards fight in UK in future.
Michael Page vs. Leon Edwards in UK ???

As the anticipation builds for his UFC debut at UFC 299 against Kevin Holland, Michael Page is already setting his sights on a monumental future clash that could make MMA history in the UK.

Stepping into the Octagon with a top-15 opponent right off the bat, Page sees this as an opportunity to make an immediate impact and captivate UFC fans. Expressing his excitement for the matchup, Page acknowledges Holland's toughness and entertainment value, emphasizing the significance of facing a worthy adversary from the get-go.

"If Michael Page does get his hand raised at UFC 299 against Kevin Holland, he believes he could be in the mix for a title shot," shared Page, highlighting his confidence in his abilities and his status as a fan favorite. 

He envisions a scenario where the UFC cannot resist a UK vs. UK title showdown, a spectacle that would undoubtedly elevate the sport's popularity in England. Reflecting on the prospect of facing Leon Edwards, Page envisions a monumental event unfolding in a UK stadium. 

"I can already foresee me, Leon Edwards, in a stadium in the UK," he revealed, underscoring the significance of the occasion for the country's MMA scene.

While acknowledging the need to focus on his upcoming bout with Holland, Page exudes unwavering confidence that the dream matchup with Edwards will eventually materialize. As he prepares to step into the Octagon on Saturday, Page remains steadfast in his belief that his journey will lead to an epic showdown with Edwards in the future.


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