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Brandon Royval's Quest for UFC Gold: Will He Face Mokaev's Challenge or Pursue the Title Shot?

Royval open to fight Mokaev
Muhammad Mokaev vs, Brandon Royval

In the tumultuous world of the UFC flyweight division, every fighter strives for one ultimate goal: to clinch the coveted title. For Brandon Royval, this ambition burns brighter than ever, despite the looming presence of Muhammad Mokaev.

Fresh off a split decision victory against former champion Brandon Moreno at UFC Mexico City, Royval wasted no time in staking his claim for another shot at UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja. However, fate seems to have thrown a curveball in the form of Muhammad Mokaev.

Mokaev's lackluster unanimous decision win over Alex Perez at UFC Vegas 87 left much to be desired, particularly in Royval's eyes. Dismissing Mokaev's performance as "boring," Royval questioned the legitimacy of Mokaev's call for a title shot. 

"Any time I watch that kid fight I’m like, ‘This s*** is lame. This is boring,'" Royval bluntly expressed.

Despite his disdain for Mokaev's style, Royval remains open to the possibility of facing him in the Octagon, especially if it means settling their brewing beef. 

"That’s not a fight I would ever turn down," Royval asserted, emphasizing his readiness for a showdown, whether it be for the title or not.

Royval's confidence in his abilities is unwavering, particularly in a 25-minute bout where he believes he can truly showcase his skills. 

"Twenty-five minutes, it’s really hard to do," Royval explained, highlighting his strategic advantage in longer fights.

As the UFC flyweight title picture remains shrouded in uncertainty, Royval is steadfast in his belief that he's done everything within his power to secure his position. 

"I have no clue [what’s going to happen]," Royval admitted, acknowledging the unpredictability of the situation.

In the end, whether it's Pantoja, Mokaev, or another challenger, Royval's determination to grasp UFC gold remains unyielding. As the chips fall into place, one thing is certain: Brandon Royval's journey to the top of the flyweight division is far from over.


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