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Henry Lundy Warns Adrien Broner, Promises to Bring fire on Feb.25

Henry ‘Hank’ Lundy isn’t messing around as he promises to finish Adrien Broner in their scheduled bout on February 25th.

Lundy was announced as a late replacement for Broner’s first fight under the banner of BLK Prime. Initially, it was the southpaw Ivan Redkach who was to share the ring with Broner on his return but an internal dispute resulted in him being sidelined from the PPV.

Now, the 39-year-old Lundy has directed stern words towards the former champion, pledging to spoil the party. It will be Broner’s first of his three-fight deal with BLK Prime which he signed back in October.

Many thought the deal was more than what ‘the Problem’ is worth but the promoters believe that he still has the charisma and the character to help them sell the PPV.

But Lundy is heading into the fight with malicious intentions and if he is able to do what he says, it could be all over for Broner once again.

“I’m coming; I’m here. You’re playing with a f**king devil, man. F**k all that street s**t you’re talking. It’s game time. It’s wartime. You’re entering into the danger zone. Let’s eat. Dog walking time,” said Lundy.

Lundy has been winless in his last four bouts. It will be interesting to see how he is gonna pull off this victory about which he has been bragging all this while.

Broner’s inactivity might help his cause but as of now, odds are strictly against him.


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