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Holly Holm shuts down Ronda Rousey's return rumors

Even though Amanda Nunes is no longer around, Ronda Rousey's return is not guaranteed just because she left.

Some in the MMA community thought that Rousey might make a comeback in the hopes of reclaiming the bantamweight title she had previously successfully defended six times after Nunes declared her retirement from the sport following a blowout victory at UFC 289. After losing to Nunes, Rousey decided to give up fighting. These days, she is concentrating on her job in professional wrestling, where she is still a big draw for WWE.

Holly Holm, who probably delivered the most infamous head kick in UFC history to end Rousey's reign as champion, is eager to dismiss any rumours of a potential comeback.

Holm recommends that everyone should let Rousey continue in her own life and find happiness as she is instead of interfering.

“She’s doing her thing. Let her live,” Holm told MMA Fighting. “Obviously she’s not passionate about fighting anymore. Let her do her thing. She’s still active. She’s still living her life. She’s still doing her thing. Let her do it.

Rousey won't suddenly go on loan to return to MMA even though the UFC and WWE will soon work together through a new business established under the Endeavour brand.

Holm is also aware from personal experience that not everyone enjoys fighting enough to desire to continue competing in it for as long as she has. There are many obstacles to overcome, and Holm is aware of why someone would decide to give up.


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