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Impa Kasanganay's Ambitious Callout: Targets Ngannou After PFL Championship Victory

Impa Kasanganay's victorious journey in the PFL World Championship 2023 is just the beginning of his lofty ambitions. The newly crowned light heavyweight champion has set his sights on even greater challenges, including a monumental showdown with the lineal heavyweight king, Francis Ngannou.

At the recent PFL event, Kasanganay showcased his dominance by securing a convincing unanimous decision victory over Josh Silveira. This triumph marked the culmination of an incredible eight-month journey, commencing from earning a spot in the league via the Challenger Series, culminating in an undefeated 4-0 run within the SmartCage and claiming both the tournament title and a substantial seven-figure prize.

Despite having numerous options on the table – including potential matchups with Bellator's light heavyweight champion Vadim Nemkov or a return to middleweight against Johnny Eblen – Kasanganay is eyeing a colossal leap. In an appearance on The MMA Hour, he expressed a desire to challenge Ngannou.

"I’d love to fight Nemkov and Ngannou... I’m ready to go back in the gym," Kasanganay mentioned, hinting at his ambitious aspirations to conquer different weight classes and take on some of the sport's most prominent names.

While Kasanganay's move to heavyweight might seem improbable, given his previous welterweight stint and a sensational knockout loss to Joaquin Buckley, his recent achievements have proven his potential to defy expectations.

Expressing his unwavering belief, Kasanganay stated,

"I’ll take him out, out of all due respect... He could be taller, but my heart and my spirit, I’ll take him out."

His desire to face Ngannou transcends geographical boundaries, as he expressed willingness to fight in places significant to both combatants:

"I would love to do the PFL in Kinshasa... I’ll go to Cameroon... I’ll fight him in Antarctica, and I hate the cold."

Kasanganay stressed that his callout stems from respect and an unrelenting desire to challenge the best, emphasizing his commitment to achieving greatness.

As he continues to build his legacy and earn his place among MMA's elite, Kasanganay's audacious callout stands as a testament to his unwavering determination to face the biggest names in the sport, showcasing his aspiration to leave a lasting mark on the world of mixed martial arts.


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