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Interview with MMA Prospect Jordan 'Coco' Allen: His Career So Far, Challenges, and Future Goals

Jordan 'Coco' Allen is a rising star in the amateur MMA scene. Recently, he achieved a bronze medal at the 4 Nations representing Team England. With his impressive skills and dedication to the sport, Allen is quickly making a name for himself in the UK MMA community. In this interview, we will get to know more about his journey to becoming a top MMA prospect and his future goals in the sport.

What inspired you to become an MMA fighter?

I wasn’t really inspired i started by doing a charity fight for Parkinson’s charity as my grandad fell very poorly with Parkinson’s the year before, so I going the charity fight route myself, which is a good route to go down as you get fight experience straight away.

How long have you been training in MMA?

7 years in total but 3 years I have been training seriously 5/6 days a week.

What is your fighting style, and what techniques do you specialize in?

My fighting style is boxing/wrestling, I wouldn’t say I specialise in anything particular but I’ve finished 2 fights by suplex and then tko as I’ve slammed them on their head/neck.

How do you stay motivated and focused during training?

I don’t find find it difficult to stay motivated and focused as I am quite a disciplined/routined person in my own life, and also I chose to do mma full time it’s my

Choice so would be a bad choice to commit to something you aren’t ready to change your life to suit.

What is your current record as an amateur fighter?

I am currently 5-3

What are your goals as an MMA fighter, both short-term and long-term?

Short term goals are I want to fight for England again in the euros or worlds as i came third in the 4nations tournament and been out with injury since.

Long term goal is I want to turn pro and become a professional world champion.

How do you prepare for a fight, both physically and mentally?

Physically I stay fit and ready all year so I can take last minute fights without issue and can always be ready to go, mentally I read a lot of pshycology books, and listen to a lot of podcasts relating to keeping on top of your emotions and focused on the job.

How do you handle the pressure of competing in front of a crowd?

At first I didn’t at all, my first 3/4 fights we actually really bad performances I rushed a lot of things especially striking and felt I needed to rush and get big knockouts & make a statement when the best thing to do is just perform and be calm.

Your debut was actually against myself, can you walk me through that day, preparations, etc?

I just thought about winning as fast as possible, and not getting hit at all, I really thought it would be that easy but when we came out It was the case I didn’t cut much weight, I was just focused on winning as quick as possible, not a recommendation for fight day.

How do you balance your training and fighting with other commitments, such as work?

I decided to go full time mma in feb 2022

So I really have just struggled in life, not done much with friends not had much of a social life since I made the choice but I’ve had a great year for my career so I’m happy I made the choice it’s been very hard and forced me to change my lifestyle but it’s proving a good choice so far since gaining sponsors.

How do you handle losses or setbacks in your career?

At first got angry with myself for making the mistakes that caused me to lose but now just accept the mistakes and learn from them I’ll only get hard on myself if I lose the same way twice, then you aren’t learning.

How do you stay current on the latest techniques and strategies in MMA?

My coach at 4th dimension has always been around mma since day and has some great systems and positional stuff, my jiu jitsu coaches at squad jiu jitsu also have great systems and knowledge so we really do our own thing but taking note of latest tech & strategies.

What do you think sets you apart from other fighters in your weight class or division?

I think just pure drive and discipline, I’ve left jobs , lost good friends and serious relationships to do this so for me it really is my entire life and I act like it through n through.

How do you plan on transitioning from an amateur to a professional MMA fighter? I don’t worry about it as can put a lot of pressure on yourself, the training will remain the same , it’s just a rule change, you get paid a bit for fights and your record resets, I don’t feel like I need to put pressure on it.

How do you plan to continue improving and evolving as a fighter in the future? I’ll continue to train hard and have the urge to improve daily, I will travel to other gyms for odd sessions where I can to get different looks, mainly just continue what I’m doing and working hard.

Where can readers find out more about you and do you have anyone you would like to shout out.

@jordancocomma Instagram and Facebook

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