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Islam Makhachev Aims for Champ vs. Champ Showdown: Covington vs. Edwards Holds the Key

Islam Makhachev, the reigning lightweight kingpin, has his sights set on a future showdown that could see him vying for a second belt against the victor of the upcoming welterweight title bout between Colby Covington and Leon Edwards.

As the UFC gears up for the much-anticipated UFC 296 showdown between Covington and Edwards in December, the stakes are higher than ever. But it's not just the welterweight gold that's up for grabs; it's the tantalizing prospect of a super fight that has the MMA world on edge.

Covington, never one to shy away from making bold claims, recently stirred the pot by accusing Makhachev of avoiding him. The confident "Chaos" believes that a clash with the dominant 24-1 champion would be a walk in the park. Makhachev, however, appears unfazed and ready to take on all comers.

While Makhachev has hinted at a future move up to welterweight, the ongoing banter with Covington may expedite his journey. His immediate focus, however, remains on his upcoming fight against Charles Oliveira at UFC 294 on October 21.

"I don't know what the UFC has planned, but my dream fight is for the second belt," Makhachev expressed to ESPN. "I really believe I can beat [the winner of Edwards vs. Covington]. It's going to be a hard, tough fight against a big guy. But I believe I can finish those guys."

Makhachev's desire for a champion vs. champion showdown echoes the history-making bout between BJ Penn and Georges St-Pierre in 2009 at UFC 94. While Makhachev and Covington might not yet have the legendary status of those past fighters, they are both determined to etch their names in the annals of MMA history.

"I hope [Covington] wins, because I don't know what Leon says about [fighting me]," Makhachev stated. "I've never heard Leon say he wants this fight. But Colby wants it. That's why I want Colby to win, and we can meet one day."

Makhachev's confidence in facing Covington is evident. He envisions a clash of wrestling styles, with his Dagestan wrestling prowess up against Covington's U.S. wrestling background. It's a matchup that promises to be a battle of wills and skills.

As Makhachev readies himself for the upcoming rematch with Oliveira, UFC fans are eagerly awaiting the outcome, with the possibility of a champion vs. champion super fight hanging in the balance. Whether it's destiny or pure determination, the future of MMA could be shaped by this ambitious quest for greatness.


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