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"It's unbelievable" - Paulo Costa slams USADA for turning up at his door at 5 am "again"

After his upcoming bout, in which he will face former UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, Paulo Costa's current UFC contract will end. The match is slated to happen in February 2023. Thus, 'Borrachinha' only has a few months left as a UFC employee before becoming a free agent. The Brazilian declared yesterday on Twitter that he would switch to boxing after his "miserable" UFC contract expires.

Paulo Costa has recently been harassed by USADA personnel and has been awakened four times in the last three weeks at the crack of dawn for drug tests.

Costa has previously come into contact with the USADA. Due to illegal IV use, Costa received a six-month suspension in April 2019. Following his victory over Rockhold in August of last year, Costa attacked the USADA, alleging that he had been asked to provide a sample while he was trying to lose weight.

Paulo Costa has since posted an intriguing argument on Twitter explaining why USADA is testing him so frequently. When his contract expires, 'Borrachinha' thinks it might have something to do with his desire to quit the UFC.

One of the most stunning bodies in the UFC belongs to "Borrachinha." In addition, the Brazilian has developed a fresh gimmick for his "secret juice." He has credited this mysterious fluid with giving him his immense stature and power. But it's pretty clear that "Borrachinha" is making fun of himself.

Whether Costa is kidding or not seems to have no impact on how frequently USADA has tested the middleweight. "Borrachinha" claims that the anti-doping authority roused him up at 5 a.m. on sequential days to obtain urine samples.

Paulo Costa tweeted his displeasure at having to undergo a test at such an odd hour.

Watching "Borrachinha" maneuver through the upcoming months will be entertaining. He might believe that competing for the UFC has given him enough exposure, and he will now look to the world of boxing for a higher paycheck. Or perhaps, he might be attempting to use the UFC as leverage to get a better contract offer to keep him with the company.


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