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Jake Paul set to face off with Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia

People often say 'third times the charm' in life and in the case of Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, it might well be the case after reports that a fight agreement has been made between the two big personalities to finally settle their long standing rivalry, in a huge showdown in Saudi Arabia.

A lot of fans will be skeptical on whether or not Tommy Fury, younger brother of the WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, will make it the squared circle come fight night, having already backed out twice of a fight with the youtuber turned pro boxer. The first one put down to injury and the second cancellation being down to visa issues, that permitted Fury from entering the United States.

Supposedly, to get the fight to happen, Paul offered Fury his biggest career pay day with a mega 2,500,000 dollar offer for the fight, an even bigger offer than his two previous scheduled bouts with the Englishman.

These two fighters have been no stranger to controversy over the years, both in their own lives and when they clash, making no secret of their shared hatred for one another, something that makes for quite the story line.

It has been reported that a possible date has been made which will see these two showdown on the 25th of February, meaning the fight many fans have been eagerly awaiting may be closer than we all realized.

Expect fireworks in and out of the ring, both men will feel they have a lot to lose and a lot to prove.

A look at the tale of the tape shows this to be quite the intriguing match up, with the two young stars currently unbeaten and clash quite well.

Jake will come into the fight with a slight height advantage, but a healthy reach advantage, while Tommy enters the ring with a vast of boxing experience, something he is likely to utilize against the American.

Tommy's jab is far superior to Jake's, as well as his movement and general boxing IQ, but has question marks on his chin and shot selection, while Jake comes into this bout with explosive power and a strong overhand right that threatens Fury come fight night.

Whether this fight will make fight night or not, expect to see a lot of controversy from here on out with a lot of spiteful back and forth between the two.


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