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Jan Blachowicz wants dream European mega-fight against Jiri Prochzaka if he wins at UFC 291

After UFC 291, Jan Blachowicz doesn't particularly care who he faces for the light heavyweight championship, but he does have a dream matchup in mind.

Blachowicz has long hoped to meet Jiri Prochazka and had hoped that the UFC will return to Europe for that fight. He has a promise that if he defeats Alex Pereira in the co-main event, he will challenge for gold and hold a recently vacated title in the category. With Prochazka coming from the neighbouring Czech Republic and Blachowicz from Poland, it seems unlikely that a fight between the two with a UFC championship on the line won't set attendance records.

“The UFC has to do this fight somewhere in Europe,” Blachowicz told MMA Fighting. “In Poland, it’s going to be the biggest fight in Europe’s history.

“It will be a great show, a very huge show. I believe if they do it in Warsaw in the national stadium, I believe it will be full. I believe in that, people will come and support me — and not only me, but Jiri because the Czech Republic is very close. We’re going to have a very big, a very nice event with 60,000 people. It will be an amazing show, but first I need to win against Pereira.”

Blachowicz's ultimate ambition has always been to win the championship once more, but whenever he discusses getting another shot at the championship, he constantly goes back to his match with Pereira.

Fighters are frequently accused of focusing on the future rather than the immediate threat in front of them, but Blachowicz won't make that error.

The whole idea behind Blachowicz's forthcoming fight at UFC 291 was that if he won, the organisation would give him a title chance. Blachowicz is aware that everything changes if he fails to win on July 29.


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