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Jeremy Kennedy's Championship Aspirations in Limbo Amidst PFL's Bellator Acquisition

Jeremy Kennedy, a formidable Bellator featherweight contender eyeing a title shot, finds his aspirations thrown into uncertainty with the recent acquisition of Bellator by the PFL. Kennedy's hopes of contending for the featherweight belt have been cast into doubt due to the merger's ensuing implications on Bellator's plans.

Kennedy's journey toward a title clash seemed promising after securing a triumphant three-fight streak, including a noteworthy victory against Pedro Carvalho at Bellator 291 in Dublin. Victories over renowned names like Aaron Pico and Emmanuel Sanchez fortified his standing as a legitimate featherweight threat.

Anticipating a showdown with Bellator featherweight champion Patricio Freire, Kennedy's prospects shifted when "Pitbull" faced Sergio Pettis, aiming for a third title, ultimately losing via unanimous decision. Subsequently, a short-notice bout against Chihiro Suzuki resulted in a knockout and an injury that sidelined Kennedy until early 2024.

Kennedy recounted, "Right after that last fight (against Carvalho), a title shot was lined up, but ‘Pitbull’ had a pretty funky year." 

With delays, interim title plans, and Viacom's cancellation of a scheduled card, Kennedy faced constant setbacks, exacerbated by the uncertainties stemming from the PFL-Bellator merger.

The merger's impact crystallized when PFL announced plans for champion-versus-champion super fights in 2024, sidelining Kennedy in favor of Jesus Pinedo against 'Pitbull.' Expressing his discontent, Kennedy voiced his frustration at the lack of clarity regarding his prospects in the merged organization.

His reluctance towards returning to a tournament format, coupled with a fervent desire for clarity and substantial matchups, underscores his frustration and eagerness for a resolution. Kennedy remains hopeful for a title shot or an impactful bout aligning with 'Pitbull's' timeline, expressing a keen interest in high-profile showdowns to advance his career.

The uncertainty surrounding Kennedy's future epitomizes the challenges posed by the PFL-Bellator merger, leaving the fighter in limbo. Eager for resolution and a defining moment in his career, Kennedy seeks clarity while standing firm on his aspirations for significant, high-stakes matchups that showcase his skills on the grand stage of mixed martial arts.

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Rose Athena
Rose Athena
Dec 30, 2023

Love this piece Qaiser! We're big JBC fans at Based Fight Camp. Our take on Jeremy Kennedy's path to the Championship amidst the PFL-Bellator merger:

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