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John Fury fires back at Deontay Wilder's cheating allegations

John Fury, father of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has hit back at recent statements made by Deontay Wilder regarding his son. Wilder has continued to make allegations that Tyson Fury cheated in their 2020 rematch, claiming that Fury loaded his gloves with "egg weights." However, these allegations have been vehemently denied by the Fury camp.

During a recent interview with ES News, Wilder made it clear that he still harbors negative feelings towards Tyson Fury, calling him a "cheater." Despite appearing to exchange pleasantries with Fury during the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury showdown in Saudi Arabia, Wilder made it clear that he has no respect for the British boxer.

John Fury, who is known for his outspoken nature, did not hold back when responding to Wilder's comments. He called Wilder a "horrible, decrepit man" and stated that he does not like him at all. Fury went on to say that Wilder is a sore loser and will never earn his respect.

Fury also criticized Wilder's behavior following his loss to Tyson Fury in the trilogy fight last year. While Jake Paul handled his defeat well and went back to the drawing board, Wilder continued to howl and scream abuse, according to Fury. He questioned how someone can accuse another of cheating when they have been knocked out.

Fury further added that if he was a young man like his son, he would have hit Wilder both hands straight in the mouth. He stated that Tyson Fury is a great boxer but does not have his fire, and if someone insults him, he will hit them straight in the mouth.

It is clear that tensions are still running high between the two camps, despite their apparent meeting at the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight. Whether or not there will be a fourth fight between the two heavyweights remains to be seen, but it is clear that John Fury will not be backing down from defending his son's honor any time soon.


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