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Jon Jones blasts Ariel Helwani for bringing up Francis Ngannou comments

Jon Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion, was not happy with Ariel Helwani for mentioning his previous statements about Francis Ngannou. Jones (27-1 MMA) had to pull out of his planned UFC 295 title defense against Stipe Miocic due to a pectoral injury he sustained in training. This happened just days before Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, faced Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, in a boxing match. Ngannou lost a close split decision to Fury, but impressed many with his performance.

Ngannou was a guest on the MMA Hour, hosted by Helwani, shortly after his bout with Fury. Helwani asked him about Jones’s remarks, which implied that Ngannou was afraid to fight him.

“Francis had the opportunity to face me, and he opted out of the opportunity. If anyone should be criticized, it’s Francis Ngannou. If I’m correct, he was offered the biggest contract in heavyweight history. He had the opportunity to be the guy to dethrone me.” Jones had said earlier. “He (Ngannou) didn’t believe in himself. He wasn’t willing to gamble on himself. Calling yourself the baddest man on the planet from across the street? Who does that?”

Jones did not appreciate Helwani bringing up those comments and vented his frustration on Instagram.

“You’re such a backstabbing sh*t talker bro and you wonder why I haven’t given you an interview in years @arielhelwani” Jones wrote. “And Jon Jones says you were looking what?”

Helwani later apologized to Jones and clarified his intention.

“Sorry, I didn’t finish my thought there. That’s my bad. But that’s what I was referencing. Hope you make a speedy recovery, Jon.” Helwani said.

What do you think of Jones’s reaction to Helwani’s question?


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