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Jon Jones Deny False Arrest Claims: Sets the Record Straight

Jon Jones denies the arrest news
Jon Jones

Jon Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion, is taking a stand against what he calls 'fake news' regarding his alleged arrest, setting the record straight on recent events.

In response to a report from NBC News claiming he had been arrested following an incident with a UFC drug testing agent, Jones took to social media to address the misinformation. He emphasized that he has not been arrested and is currently in Texas with his daughters at a volleyball tournament, debunking the false reports circulating in mainstream media.

"Pretty large platform to post so blindly," Jones expressed his frustration with the inaccurate reporting.

In a more detailed statement on his X account, Jones clarified the situation. He explained that while he was visited by testers during a birthday celebration and nap, he was caught off guard by the unprofessionalism of one of the testers. This led to frustration and the use of profanity, but Jones emphasized that he did not engage in any form of assault, threat, or aggression.

Jones also highlighted the importance of fact-checking and expressed disappointment in the spread of false news without proper verification. He pledged to vigorously defend himself against the baseless accusations, asserting that the incident did not occur as reported.

While charges were filed and a summons issued, Jones clarified that he was not taken into custody or booked, contrary to the claims made in the NBC News article. He criticized the journalistic stretch made by the media outlet, emphasizing the need for accuracy and responsible reporting.

The conflicting accounts between the DFSI agent's complaint and Jones' version of events highlight the complexity of the situation. While both narratives include a tense interaction, Jones maintains that he did not engage in threatening or assaultive behavior.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Jones remains steadfast in defending his innocence and addressing the misinformation surrounding the incident.


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