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Jean Matsumoto Secures Stunning Victory with Last-Second Submission at UFC Vegas 90

Jean Matsumoto extends his win streak to 15-0
Jean Matsumoto

In a thrilling display of skill and resilience, Jean Matsumoto secured a remarkable victory over Dan Argueta at UFC Vegas 90, moving his undefeated streak to 15-0.

Throughout the fight, Matsumoto faced relentless takedown attempts from Argueta, showcasing his defensive prowess and determination to stay in the game. Despite finding himself on the bottom multiple times, Matsumoto never wavered in his focus.

As the fight progressed, Matsumoto seized a pivotal moment with just one second remaining in Round 2. Applying a tight arm-in guillotine choke, he forced Argueta to tap out at the 4:59 mark, securing the victory dramatically.

The guillotine choke has been a reliable weapon for Matsumoto in previous fights, and its effectiveness once again proved crucial in this high-stakes matchup.

Following his victory, Matsumoto expressed his elation and determination to continue his success in the Octagon. At just 24 years old, he sees this win as a stepping stone to more significant achievements in his career.

“I’m here to prove to people it doesn’t matter where you come from,” Matsumoto shared in his post-fight interview with Michael Bisping, conveyed through an interpreter. 

“I come from a community outside of Sao Paulo. I ended up here. I want people to believe it.”

Matsumoto's victory highlights his potential as a rising star in the bantamweight division, showcasing his ability to overcome adversity and capitalize on crucial moments in the fight.


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