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Jon Jones: “I’m guaranteeing the fans at least two more fights out of me”

The former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is poised to return to the octagon in March but it seems like it won’t be a long stint this time around.

One of the most decorated Mix Martial Artists to ever grace the octagon, Jones will be back in action after a hiatus of three years. During this time, the Rochester native had his troubles as he faced severe repercussions for his failed USADA drug test.

Jones was banned from competing in the UFC till he cleared his name from the USADA list.

Jones also broke his alliance with the longtime training team, Jackson MMA as coach Greg Jackson denied him entrance into the gym following a rift with his wife.

Since then, Jones has managed to pull himself out of that trouble whorl and is ready to go again but the 35-year-old has indicated that his future in the octagon relies on the quality of competition that is there to welcome him.

So far, Jones has assured the fighting community that they will witness him fighting on at least a couple of occasions.

“My immediate goal is to beat Ciryl Gane, and to beat Stipe Miocic,” Jones said. “After that, it’ll be conversations with the UFC to see what makes sense. I’m guaranteeing the fans at least two more fights out of me,” Jones quoted in a recent interview on MMA Underground.

Jones is considered one of the most dominant champions in the history of the MMA. The 35-year-old feels he has nothing to prove to anyone. A win against a fighter of Miocic’s calibre will surely be a befitting farewell to his glamorous career.

As far as Miocic is concerned, he is yet to come out of his hibernating state as he last fought almost 2 years back. The prospect of a fight with Jones will definitely attract a lot of eyes.


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