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Jon Jones Will Enter UFC at 275 Pounds

"Look, I’m not gonna be ready in November or December. I want to bulk up. I want to bulk up in a smart way, in a strategic way, not just gain weight and be a big heavyweight. I want to gain the right weight." - Jonny Jones

Bones is going to enter the UFC Heavyweight division at yes, 275 pounds! He's meticulously methodically planning his entry and he's obviously not rushing it either.

Like the other greats of combat sports, Jones is one of the most calculated fighters out there and it's not just his fight style but his work ethic too. He doesn't want to rush into the heavyweight division, he wants to be light-years ahead when he enters.

Jon Jones is already 260 pounds of pure muscle and still displays the speed of his light heavyweight days, matched with more power. It will be very interesting to watch him contest contenders and then step to the man himself - Francis Ngannou.

How do you think Bones will fair in the UFC Heavyweight division? FIGHT.TV wants to know!


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