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Jorge Masvidal indulges in a words of war with Daniel Cormier on Twitter

Jorge Masvidal and recently inducted UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier have been going back and forth on twitter following Cormier’s comments on ‘Gamebred’. Leon Edwards, the freshly crowned UFC welterweight champion, is not someone Daniel Cormier wants to see compete against Jorge Masvidal or even acknowledge.

When Edwards spectacularly defeated Kamaru Usman at UFC 278, his popularity skyrocketed. Rocky's path to success was paved with uncertainties, challenges, and disdain from the top competitors in the division. Since Masvidal never gave Leon a chance to compete when he was at the top, Cormier advised Edwards to forget giving Masvidal a title shot.

In his show DC & RC he said “ “Bro, don’t fight him,” Cormier said on his “DC & RC” ESPN show. “Because for two years, when he was the man, he could not say your name. Now all of a sudden he’s like, ‘If you become the champ,’ he wants to put an end to this thing? He should not fight Jorge Masvidal. He literally should just big league him and not even say his name. Because why would you do that when a guy snuck you backstage but then never fought you? Now all of a sudden, you’re the man, and he wants to fight you.

I like Jorge Masvidal a lot. He’s a really good dude, but it’s like, come on, Jorge. We’ve got to do better than that.

Masvidal, who will turn 38 in November and is not among the top five in his division, is banking his whole quest for a title shot on his altercation with Edwards in the early months of 2019 when he faced Darren Till at UFC London. It is unsure why it would matter more than three years after it happened because the promotion didn't believe it was crucial enough to pair them off at the time.

Now he fired back at DC on twitter and said “ Guess you’re still butt hurt since I didn’t do the interview you requested on your weak YouTube channel during my fight week,” Masvidal wrote on Twitter. “I know you needed my name to produce some sort of views since Ariel (Helwani) went solo and you became a has been. Just make sure when Dana (White) calls and you tells you to promote the biggest fight the current champ can make in the division which is me, wear your best suit from DXL and make sure you do as you’re told like a good boy. Maybe you’ll get a treat from your master.

Masvidal's three-fight losing streak makes it difficult to imagine him receiving a title shot, but "Gamebred" points out that it has happened before, citing the time Michael Bisping defended his middleweight title against Dan Henderson, who was ranked No. 13, all because of a grudge the two had against one another.

“I remember a time when England had a champ that wanted a certain fight and he told the ufc what he wanted and made it happen. The newbies won’t know what I’m talking about but the real ones do

Masvidal holds the No. 9 slot in the UFC's welterweight rankings, four spots ahead of Henderson when he received a championship chance, despite not having won a fight since a TKO victory over Nate Diaz in 2019. However, the matchup is unlikely given that Edwards and Usman's trilogy fight is already being considered for venues in England, according to UFC President Dana White.


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