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Jorge Masvidal's Stunning U-Turn: 'I'm Unretired

Former UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal has announced his intention to end his retirement and return to professional mixed martial arts. Masvidal made the decision to retire last April after suffering a defeat to Gilbert Burns, marking his fourth consecutive loss and bringing his overall record to 35-17.

Jorge Masvidal

Despite his mixed results in the cage, Masvidal has always been known for his ability to make an impact, both with his fighting skills and his charismatic personality. Since his retirement, Masvidal has been focused on running his own promotion. However, recent speculation has suggested that he may be considering a return to competition.

In a recent interview with FanSided, Masvidal confirmed these rumors, stating,

“I never just text to talk. Everything I do I back it up, 100 percent go for it. I’m definitely unretired. I’m definitely gonna hurt some people. I’m definitely gonna box this year and s—t, I just want to get in the best shape possible. Get in that cage again and give it all I got."

Masvidal expressed a desire to end his career on a high note, stating,

“I can’t go out on a f—king L. The more I think about it, it f—king haunts me and hurts me. So, I’m definitely coming back just to f—king rearrange somebody’s face, or faces.”

Masvidal's return to the octagon is sure to generate significant interest, given his reputation as one of the sport's biggest stars. Fans will be eagerly awaiting news of his comeback fight, with speculation suggesting that an announcement could be imminent.


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