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Josh Taylor Sets the Record Straight on Catterall Rematch and Talks Boxing's Big Fights

Renowned Scottish boxer Josh Taylor has cleared the air on the rumours circulating around his highly awaited rematch with Jack Catterall in an exclusive interview with SecondsOut. Taylor explains that the rematch is not yet confirmed despite much conjecture, stressing that he is anxiously awaiting the go-ahead from his legal team.

Josh Taylor v Jack Catterall
AGREED DEAL OR NOT: Both fighters have contrasting views regarding the terms of their rematch

Taylor acknowledged that talks to settle the fight are still underway and reiterated his strong interest in the rematch. He stressed how crucial the rematch is to his career and expressed his excitement about competing in the ring once more.

Taylor is flexible when it comes to the location of this possible hit movie, but he presents a strong argument for Scotland. In light of Catterall's last bout in Liverpool, which drew a small audience, Taylor contends that holding the rematch in Scotland would bring in a bigger audience and generate an exciting atmosphere—both necessary for a battle of this magnitude.

Speaking candidly about Catterall's latest performance, Taylor expressed displeasure and pointed out that Catterall's opponent lacked dedication. He feels that Catterall did not play with the kind of talent and domination that one would anticipate in a match like this.

Taylor doesn't seem to be phased by rumours that suggest a rematch would be in Catterall's favour. He is confident in his abilities to eliminate any questions about his superiority, therefore his focus is on proving himself in the ring rather than on what the general audience thinks.

Anthony Joshua v Tyson Fury
Francis Ngannou is going from facing the reigning champion, to a two-time former world champion.

Beyond his professional life, Taylor offered perspectives on the boxing community at large. In reference to Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou's possible matchup, Taylor believes Joshua has a good chance, particularly in light of Fury's past lacklustre performance against Ngannou, which he attributed to a lack of sincerity.

Regarding the impending battle between Fury and Usyk, Taylor was first undecided but is now leaning in favour of Fury because of his physical advantage. He does, however, recognise Usyk's imposing style and skills, which might pose serious obstacles for Fury.

Josh Taylor's open reflections offer an intriguing look inside the head of a world-class boxer. Expectations are high in the boxing world as the rematch versus Catterall remains uncertain. What do you think of Taylor's comments and the possible rematch location? Do you share his opinions on the boxing world in general, and the Fury vs. Usyk match in particular? Participate in the discussion and offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


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