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Kell Brook Hints at Potential Opponent for His Semi-Retirement Return to Boxing

As Liam Smith and Chris Eubank Jr. prepare for their middleweight rematch later this summer, retired boxer Kell Brook has expressed an interest in the outcome of the fight.

The two fighters first went head-to-head in January at the AO Arena in Manchester, with Smith winning in a shock upset after stopping Eubank in the fourth round.

Brook, who announced his retirement last year after defeating Amir Khan, has hinted at the possibility of making a return to the ring, calling himself “semi-retired.” Ben Shalom, head of the promotional company Boxxer, which has exclusive ties with broadcasting giant Sky, believes that the winner of the Smith-Eubank rematch could be a potential opponent for Brook.

When asked if he expected to work with Brook again soon, Shalom told, “I think a lot can ride on what happens with Smith-Eubank. I think he’ll probably be looking at that fight as a natural creation of his next opponent. Let’s not look beyond that fight.”

Shalom defended the decision to host a rematch between Smith and Eubank, calling it an equally intriguing fight as the first. He also suggested that Eubank had to go through two grueling weight cuts in his camps, making him a special fighter in the ring.

As for Brook’s potential return, it remains uncertain. However, boxing fans remain excited to see which fighter will emerge victorious in the upcoming Smith-Eubank rematch and how it will affect the future of the sport. If Brook does decide to return to the ring, his next opponent could hold significant weight in determining how successful his semi-retirement return will be.


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