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Kris Moutinho VS Aaron Phillips Confirmed

Kris Moutinho went viral after his recent bout with O'malley at UFC 264. The ref called the fight in the third round with Kris begging to be allowed to continue. "Let me go down on my shield" as he put it. Which is very admirable and fight fans loved this. It just goes to show that even if you lose, by never giving up - you make people want to watch you fight. Fans felt like Moutinho is gonna give them their moneys worth.

Modern day gladiator, out there willing to risk it all just to compete in the sport they love. Reading the comments on social media about Moutinho, you can tell he's gonna have a cool nickname soon and we're gonna get to watch him grow as a fighter. The guy is already 9-5-0 professionally, with his first fight in the UFC out of the way and on to the next.

Aaron Phillips 12-4-0, has yet to win a fight in the UFC but already received 2 of his losses in that promotion. He'll be making his return bout and hoping to finally get that UFC win against Kris Moutinho this October at a location and date to be determined soon! This fight has nasty brutal combat written all over it. Fight fans are sure to get their moneys worth here.

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