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KSI Declines to Replace Mike Tyson in July, Insists on December Clash with Jake Paul

KSI Declines to Replace Mike Tyson

KSI is not interested in stepping in as a replacement for Mike Tyson in July. After Tyson's July 20 boxing match with Jake Paul was postponed due to health issues, Paul suggested on social media that KSI should take Tyson’s place.

“KSI’s coach saying he is over 200 pounds right now?” Paul wrote. “So no weight excuses... Let’s run it for July 20 and then Paul vs. Tyson in October/November.”

KSI quickly shut down the idea, explaining that he already has a fight scheduled for August.

“I’ve already got a fight lined up in August,” KSI replied on social media. “Instead of fighting an [old-age pensioner] at the end of the year (no one wants to see this), fight me in December instead.”

The back-and-forth continued on Twitter, with Paul mocking KSI for not agreeing to the July 20 date and suggesting a 200-pound boxing match in February instead. KSI countered with a challenge to compete at 185 pounds and insisted on a December date. Paul then proposed a double bill for February, featuring himself against KSI and his brother Logan Paul against KSI’s brother Deji.

Logan Paul, currently a WWE professional wrestler, has a long history with KSI. The two were once rivals, having fought each other in 2018 and 2019. Their first match, an amateur contest, ended in a majority draw. The second, a professional bout, was won by KSI via split decision. Despite their past rivalry, Logan and KSI are now friends and business partners, playing pivotal roles in the influencer boxing trend.

As fans await further developments, it remains to be seen if Paul and KSI will finally face off in December or if their bout will be pushed to next year.


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