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KSI faces off with Joe Fournier, is this KSI's next fight?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

KSI and Joe Fournier face off for the first time ahead off what could be their next fight, after KSI calmly and cooly dispatched of his opponent, Faze Temper, in the first round.

Having previously been confirmed to be the back up fighter for KSI, as opposed to his eventual opponent, it wouldn't be a hard fight to make considering a deal has been made previously and it is clear the fans are desperate to see the British YouTube sensation up the level of opponent after having yet another fight without being tested.

Moments after his knockout over Temper, KSI took to the mic to call out two names for his next fight, Joe Fournier himself, and Jake Paul's former opponent Tyrone Woodley. Both fights would undoubtedly be a step up for KSI, but the former is what the fans what to see next and that has been made clear online.

Online reactions have surfaced from KSI's potential future opponent and rival, Jake Paul, who in a video posted by his brother, appeared to be a little shook and later took to twitter to say this:

While the level of opponent may not have been the best, clear improvements from KSI has been made as demonstrated in his win, showcasing superb foot movement, great shot selection and his ability to turn the lights off a fighter, making that eventual showdown with Jake Paul all that more exciting.

But before then, fans will be hoping the fight materializes with Fournier, who will without doubt be his toughest test yet to date.

Whether that fight is made next remains to be seen, but one thing is not in doubt, influencer boxing is here to stay.


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