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KSI opens up about Jake Paul fight: “It’s all about the ego”

is unsure about his boxing career after a narrow loss to Tommy Fury this month.

The YouTuber and influencer, 30, has not been back to the gym since the Fury fight, but he has not ruled out another fight. He is just taking a break from the rigorous training routine.

“I feel like I’m retired right now,” KSI said on Logan Paul’s Impaulsive podcast. “It’s strange. I haven’t done any training since the fight. I’ve just been living my life. It’s strange. I can do all these things that I usually do, and I can chill.

“I’m just having fun for now. We’ll see [about fighting again]. My girlfriend is happy [with the time off]. She’s like, ‘He’s finally back!’ We can go to eat at a restaurant, and he can have anything! We can go on vacation. We can have a good time.”

If he decides to fight again, KSI knows that everyone wants to see him face Jake Paul. Their feud has gotten worse in the last few months, especially after Paul mocked KSI for being the “biggest sore loser ever” after his fight with Fury.

Their mutual hatred only makes their possible fight more appealing, and KSI knows that there is a lot at stake in that fight.

“It’s a massive fight, because it’s all about the ego,” KSI said. “Not money, fame, or anything else. It’s the ego. It’s the pride. Which YouTuber will go down? That’s why everyone is like, ‘I want this.’”


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